Use of Force - Brad Thor

Use of Force

By Brad Thor

  • Release Date: 2017-06-27
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 747 Ratings


From #1 New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor comes “his latest pulse-pounding adventure” (The Real Book Spy) that follows covert operative Scot Harvath as he is called upon to stop an ISIS-led plot to destroy the Vatican.

As a storm rages across the Mediterranean Sea, a terrifying distress call is made to the Italian Coast Guard. Days later, a body washes ashore. Identified as a missing high value terrorism suspect, his name sends panic through the Central Intelligence Agency.

Where was he headed? What was he planning? In a race against time, the CIA taps an unorthodox source to get answers: Navy SEAL turned covert counterterrorism operative, Scot Harvath. Hired on a black contract, Harvath will provide the deniability the United States needs, while he breaks every rule along the way.

Packed with heart-stopping action, fascinating characters, and electrifying intrigue, Brad Thor does it again with “his best book yet. Powerful and reads like the news of what is going on today” (Glenn Beck, #1 New York Times bestselling author).


  • R ftytyfrrhrrt

    By xezrrertx
  • Use of force

    By Papa John 2
    As always an on the edge book, toward the end couldn’t put it down. One word for your books awesome
  • Worst Harvath Ever

    By eazyrooster
    I've now read all 16 Scot Harvath novels. Use of Force is easily the worst entry in the entire series. From plot points that don't actually matter, to ridiculously bad pacing in the first third of the book, to an extraordinarily anti-climactic ending there really is nothing to praise in this book. I generally enjoy the series. Even when it's not great it usually has some interesting insights. This one was just the definition of being phoned in. Maybe now that Vince Flynn has passed Thor has slacked off. Hopefully he will try harder next time.
  • Another hit

    By 2RuthKids
    Can't wait for what happens next!! Always a can't put it down read.
  • So so

    By Carltor
    No his bestbwprk, not by a long shot
  • Could be better

    By azherrfun
    This was not Thor's best effort. Ending was kind of abrupt and a sub plot woven into the main plot served little useful purpose. I've come to expect more from this author.
  • A

    By a RB&0? vqoertrtrrrrtjrrtdE
    S on the x
  • ok. Not as good as previous books

    By DrLDawg
    As most of the reviews previously stated, good action, but a ending that seemed phoned in -- like " you have one more day to finish the book before you leave on vacation"
  • Not Brad's Best

    By Antikantian
    I've read all of the previous Harvath books, and this one equals all the others in many ways except one: the ending. It was all relatively immersive until the end, which was gift wrapped and delivered in what seemed like a scant few paragraphs.
  • Use of Force

    By Dive4145
    Disappointed with ending. Need to develop the story more. Tried to wrap up too quickly to move on to the next project.